Mona Branon Lemieux

Mona Branon Lemieux


45 Dustetrail Road 
Fairfax VT, 05454

Mona Branon Lemieux - Realtor

Born and raised in Fairfield, I live there with my husband, Nicholas Lemieux and our 5 children, Morgan, Cole, Connor, Lexie & Moriah. Aside from becoming a realtor in February of 2017, I am also co-owner of our family business, Branon's Pools in St. Albans. I have 4 brothers, all of whom still live in Fairfield on my family's farm and we all work together in another family business, Branon's West View Maples.

I enjoy cooking, reading, gardening, cleaning (strange but true!!!) and spending time with my kids. I decided to join the real estate world for a couple of different reasons. My dad was a broker many years ago. I enjoy working with people and the thought of helping buyers and sellers make their dreams a reality is really what it's all about. Plus, I love the idea of being able to have a flexible schedule which will enable to spend as much time as I can with my kids. They're only little so long! 

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