Leebeth "Ann" Lemieux

Leebeth "Ann" Lemieux

Realtor®/Broker, Owner
(802) 849-6605 

45 Dustetrail Road 
Fairfax VT, 05454 h

Leebeth "Ann" Lemieux - Realtor, Broker, Owner

My husband, Mark, and I got married in December 1975. We have two boys, Nicholas and Jack. Nicholas is a Master Plumber and is a manager at Georgia Mountain Maple. He has two children, Cole and Lexie. Jack is a skier, photographer and works in commercial construction. He married Jessica in July 2011.

I received my recognition as a realtor in 1993, specializing in residential and land properties. Dusty Trail Realty LLC was established August 2001. The name Dusty Trail Realty came about because we live on a dirt road. I chose a wild horse because I tend not to do as others do. The wild horse goes with the dust of the country roads and I like horses, but my husband is allergic so the logo is the next best thing.

Presently I am a Selectperson for the Town of Fairfax, and I am an active member of the Citizens of Fairfax Community. In the past, I have been on the Town of Fairfax Planning Commission serving eight years, served as President of the Fairfax Business Professional Association and coached high school level cheerleading for seven years.

I do have another career and that is drawing houses. The first plans I drew for a fee was a log house in 1973. In 1987, I was brave enough to actually quit a “real” job and do my design & drafting service business full time.

I enjoy the match-making of real estate, may it be existing properties or starting from the beginning on helping you find the right piece of land and draw plans to meet your wants and needs.

My father was in the Air Force so we moved around the country until 1969 where my parents bought a small farm. So, I went from being an officer’s child to a farmer for two years. When my father was killed in action, my mother decided to move back to Vermont with her 6 children to where she and my dad were from. In 1984, I moved to Fairfax with my small family on family land.

I am an artsy kind of person so most of my hobbies have to do with being creative and detailed, may it be decorating cakes, making chocolates, oil painting, helping people with interior decorating ideas and riding the roads in our Wrangler looking at the countryside. We also have a small sugaring operation on our 25 acres in Fairfax.

An overall view of me is that I am a detailed oriented person who loves the land, houses and help where I can with a family, friends, customer and clients. 

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