The Consumer’s choices in Buying and Selling Real Estate in the State of Vermont

Vermont law allows for different types of brokerage services to be provided to Buyers and Sellers by REALTORS®. You have the right to decide whether you want to be represented in a real estate transaction as a Client of a REALTOR® or to be an unrepresented Customer.

Right Now You Are A Customer

Vermont law requires all Real Estate Brokerage Firms and their agents meet certain basic standards when dealing with a Buyer or Seller. All REALTORS® you deal with must observe the following practices whether you are a Client or a Customer of the REALTOR®:

  • To disclose all material facts pertaining to the property that are known by the REALTOR®;
  • To treat both the Buyer and Seller fairly and not knowingly distribute inaccurate information about the property;
  • To account for all money and property received from or on behalf of the Buyer or Seller; and
  • To comply with state and federal laws related to Real Estate Brokerage activity.

A Real Estate Firm may not act as an agent for both a Seller Client and Buyer Client in the same transaction, except as a limited agent with the informed, written
consent of all parties. An unrepresented Buyer may, however, deal with the Real Estate Firm representing the Seller as a Customer or obtain his/her own representation.

If the Real Estate Firm is representing the Seller, a Buyer Customer should not offer or disclose information that he/she would not want conveyed to the Seller. If the Real Estate Firm is representing the Buyer, the Seller Customer should not offer or disclose information that he/she would not want conveyed to the Buyer.

You May Become A Client

Whether you are selling or buying, clients receive more services than customers. You become a client by entering into a written contract with a real estate brokerage firm. All agents in the firm work for you.

In addition to the services noted in the left hand column, as a client you can expect the following services:

  • Confidentiality, including bargaining information
  • Promotion of your best interest within the limits of the law
  • Advice and counsel
  • Assistance in negotiations

Important Information

  1. You are not required to hire a brokerage firm for the purchase or sale of Vermont real estate. You may represent yourself.
  2. Before you hire a brokerage firm, ask for an explanation of the firm’s conflict of interest policies.

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